It’s our business to know what’s important to our pilots and guests. Here are some useful aviation links and sites to visit while you’re in town.













Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport:
The official site of Baton Rouge Metropolitan airport including general information, maps and directions.


Federal Aviation Administration:
It includes real-time airport status (mainly Class B airspace), graphical TFRs, current regulations and advisories, NOTAMs and restrictions, aircraft registration and forms.

NOAA National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center:
It’s the official source for aviation weather. It includes AIRMETS, SIGMETS (domestic and international), prognostic charts, PIREPs, surface observations, RADAR and satellite imagery—all free of charge.

National Transportation Safety Board:
Get accident reports, analyses, safety recommendations and legal matters.

This is the site for Web-based preflight briefings. File and change flight plans online. It also includes basic flight planning and weather graphics—including current conditions, NEXRAD radar, satellite imagery and aviation forecasts. 

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association:
This site gives excellent weather information, free aircraft valuator, airport information and U.S. terminal procedures for AOPA members.

National Business Aviation Association:
This is the online home of the NBAA. It offers extensive information on aviation safety, security, administration, taxes, finance, insurance, maintenance, airports, airspace, communications and international operations.

This is a lively site with news and discussion of aviation topics from the folks who publish Aviation Consumer. It includes columns from experts in fields ranging from flight instruction and aviation law to avionics and maintenance issues.