Welcome to BTR Jet Center

BTR Jet Center is the premiere private FBO located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our mission is to provide our clientele with world class service, facilities and amenities at competitive prices. This mission was conceived by pilots, executives, charter operators and passengers who came together to fill a void for service commensurate with the investment our clientele has in private aviation. When you experience BTR Jet, we are confident that we will meet your well-deserved expectations.

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JET A Fuel Price


100LL Fuel Price: $5.77/gal

Pilot Information

WNU6 / 131.775

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(225) 355-9052


What Our Customers Are Saying

Very service oriented. Fueled us up, helped load up the car and put the plane away. Really impressed my wife and the people that came to pick us up. - Rick Sorrell

Went in for quick trip and 6 hour stay 2/13 in my Baron. Folks were great from email responses to my questions a few days ahead. Line guy, Isaac, was great got my fuel in on arrival. CSR friendly. Cookies delicious. This was my first trip since it was PAI aero. Everything was as good or better. Will stop here every time I return to BR. - David Savage

We fly our CJ2+ into BTR about 3-4 times per quarter, and up until this last time, have used Landmark. We noticed a huge downfall in Customer Service, so we decided to give the Baton Rouge Jet Center a try. What a tremendous relief to find an FBO who remembers that their customers are the reason that they are in business. From the initial phone call, to our arrival just before closing time, to the departure the next day; these folks went out of our way to make us feel welcomed. The line crew greeted our passengers as they were exiting the airplane, the CSR was ready to go with rental cars, and because of this, our passengers went from the jet to their cars in literally 5 minutes. No waiting on the CSRs to finish with their personal phone calls, or realizing that no one had called to verify the rental cars and now they aren't here, despite the crew being told that they were. BTR Jet Center went out of their way to earn our business, and they have. Highly recommended!!! - Adam Juckett

“Stopped in today for a quick fuel and go. From the line guys to the counter guys, I could not have asked for a better experience. Fast, Friendly and very professional. Any time I go this way you can bet they will be fueling the King Air for me." - Roger Dantzler

“BTR Jet Center provided an unbelievable experience and was extremely accommodating to our needs. I would highly recommend BTR Jet.” - Brian Tucker

“I've flown regularly from Houston to Baton Rouge for 20 years and always used the old LA Aircraft. We started using PAI, which was very friendly, but hours were spotty. Ownership has changed and it's Baton Rouge Jet Center. I cannot imagine anyone thinking of using anyone else. Facilities are fully renovated - very nice! PAX will be very comfortable. Wi-Fi/flight planning, of course. Snack and drinks are complimentary. No more self-serve, but the 100LL premium over my local small airport is $1.10, great for a big field and MUCH better than the option. With local family I've never inquired about crew car. It's 100 yards from option. The choice is OBVIOUS - It's Baton Rouge Jet Center. I wish I could give it another star.“ - John Navratil